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Harnessing Sacred Sexual Energy to Create Sacred Commerce & More...

Specializing in Sacred Sexual Empowerment, David Bruce Leonard and Sabrina Mata share their insights on what Sacred Sexuality is and how it relates to Sacred Commerce.

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Tori Quisling's 10 Travel Tips to Turn Any Vacation into a Spiritual Pilgrimage

Why do we find ourselves longing to go to certain places on the planet? What does this tell us? What keys do these places hold for us? Tori Quisling and I discuss all of this and MORE on today’s episode!

Interview with Patrick Walsh

Case Study: Infusing the Sacred into an Unassuming Place... FOOTBALL!

Patrick Walsh has followed the path of the heart, and taken a career path that normally isn’t lucrative and fuses it all together for fulfillment both spiritually and materially.

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How to overcome resistance and judgment...

When we “go for it” despite resistance, judgment, and a sense of separation, there are always insights to be gleaned and patterns to transcend – resulting in more love, joy and FUN in our lives! …

robert kent

Case Study: The Power of Vision AND Action!

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to really make a difference? My guest today, Robert Kent, is a walking, talking example of Sacred Commerce in action and a shining example of the power we each have as individuals to effect change!

excellence equation

The Excellence Equation

Ever look at others who are experiencing “success” and feel like you’ll never get where they are? Learn 3 key ingredients to creating excellence in ANY arena and the top reasons why most people never get “there!” Also learn a new definition of “excellence” – one that focuses less on the barometer the world has…

6 Clues

6 Clues For Finding Your Purpose

There are so many sign posts pointing us in the direction of our soul’s path! However, this process can be confusing and unclear at times because we haven’t always been taught to look in the right direction to find what it is that will result in our ultimate fulfillment. Watch this video and discover my…


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